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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 2, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. thanks very much. a similar scenario played now the peninsula today. daily city police killed a suspect in san francisco. officers were chasing a stolen vehicle on san bruno avenue near the intersection of interstates 280 and highway 101 about 12:30 this morning. during the chase the driver and his passenger jumped out of the moving car. the passenger immediately surrendered but the driver reportedly ran off with a gun in his hand. when officers caught up to him, the suspect allegedly raised the gun and a dilly city police officer fired killing the man. new information coming out about the man who killed two police detectives in santa cruz this week. 35-year-old jeremy goulet served two years in prison for gun crimes. the question now, why he wasn't in california's database and assault authorities take guns out of the hands of convict teens mentally ill. they want to prevent dangerous people from buying guns in the first place.
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federal law prevents those convicted of a crime and in prison for more than a year from owning a gun. goulet slipped through a loophole because the judge gave him two one-year sentences for his two gun crimes. more than 1,000 firearms were taken off the streets today through a new gun buyback program in santa clara. today's event was the largest gun buyback in county history. depending on the type of weapon, those who turned one in received $100 to $200 apiece. the money came from the private's county funds and money seized by the d.a.'s office. here's what happens next to those weapons. >> we will destroy the firearms. they either get chopped up or melted down. we have to take them to a certain place that does it. we pay to have them destroyed. what we will also do is determine if they are stolen, we will also then determine, return them to the rightful owner if they are stolen, and we'll take them out of the computer system, so the computer system will show this gun has been destroyed.
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>> at least 100,000 of the available 150,000 dollars was paid out today. happening now, a desperate search in the east bay. family members of a 29-year-old woman who vanished ten days ago are trying to track her down. today they standout across the bay area searching bart stations and riding bart trains in hopes of finding her. marty francis is live at the south hayward bart station with an update. monte? >> reporter: good evening. there are two possible sightings of samantha tuia on the bart trains and that's why her family is searching the system. they are also putting up missing signs hoping someone will recognize her. we visited the family's home in hayward where 29-year-old samantha tuia was seen on february 19th. the family is there right now praying for her safe return. family members say she has an undiagnosed mental disability and has the mentality of a much younger person and that she's very naive and easily
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manipulated. because of that they fear someone may have taken advantage of her. an anonymous tip came into the family from a woman who saw tuia riding on a bart train in oakland. today they searched san francisco and oakland. the most receipt tip was a possible sighting on the boardwalk in santa cruz. i just spoke to her uncle who returned from santa cruz and is no closer to finding out what happened to his niece. in the meantime, the police are also on the case and the family is offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to her safe return. live in hayward, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> monte, thanks very much. a man from the north bay is recovering from second and third-degree burns after a house fire. the fire broke out at 9:00 this morning near west grant street and kinley drive in heelsberg in sonoma county. firefighters arrived to find the burned victim outside the home. that person was airlifted to the burn center at u.c. davis. firefighters seemed to have the upper hand on a wildfire
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burning in south california despite gusty santa ana winds and temperatures in the 80s. the fire in riverside county is being held to about 300 acres. right now crews are working on remaining hot spots. containment estimated at about 80%. dozens of people in need were given access to life-changing medical care today. doctors and staff at keizer san francisco volunteered their time and skills to provide same day surgical procedures for 30 people. among the surgeries performed were cataract removal, hernia repairs and colonoscopiecolonos. the group started this back in 1993. >> here we are 20 years later, 10,000 patients, 1,200 volunteers and about $80 million of donated services. it's a remarkable accomplishment that wouldn't be possible without the entire health care system pitching in. >> if you want more information on the program, an article on operation access is said to appear in the san francisco medical society journal in
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april. next at 6:00, a horrific scene. a man swallowed by a sinkhole in his bedroom. tonight, why crews are not looking for the body. also -- a family adopts a puppy, but before they can take him home the thief swipes the dog from a shelter. the sweep operation that nabs the suspects and got the puppy to his new home. plus, competing in a triathlon is impressive enough to the rest of us, but then there's these folks. why you may find these athletes exceptionally inspiring. and the weekend really started off with some warm temperatures. how about some mid-70s for areas south of san jose today? but all the warm temperatures are going away now. the clouds are filling in and look at the radar. it has been a while since we have been able to talk about a chance of seeing a bit of rain heading into tonight. more of it in the seven-day forecast. a look at that when we come right back. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody.
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of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] federal employees are getting ready for some serious belt tightening over the next 30 days and for the foreseeable future. we'll take a live look at the white house right now. tonight the president and congress were unable to break the impasse over the automatic federal spending cuts known as the sequester. brian mooar has more on the kind of ripple effects the cuts may have on the recovering economy. >> reporter: on the first full day of the sequester cuts, house speaker john boehner was on home turf in ohio telling his side of the story.
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>> i've watched the presidents of both parties, leaders of both parties, i kicked this can down the road, kick it down the road, kick it down the road and i made up my mind two years ago they weren't going to do it anymore. >> reporter: the white house and republicans are blaming each other for $85 billion in across-the-board cuts. the president calls outright dumb. >> they will hurt our economy and cost us jobs. and congress can turn them off at any time as soon as both sides are willing to compromise. >> reporter: phased in over the next 30 days, the massive cuts in military and domestic spending will be far reaching. in arkansas teachers are trying to figure out how to scale back their headstart school program. >> at the end of the day, it's children who are not going to be ready for school because services have been cut. >> reporter: in iowa poultry plants like this one will sit idle as federal inspectors ride out 15 furlough days. >> a large population in our community does work at the tyson
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plant. and so it would affect many different areas of the community. >> reporter: the military cuts may even ground the legendary blue angels for six months. >> so we can take that money and reprogram it into readiness. >> reporter: it's just the beginning of a wave of spending cuts coming soon to a community near you unless congress and the white house can work out a better plan. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. florida officials are calling off the search for a man swallowed by a sinkhole. authorities notified the family of 36-year-old jeff bush who disappeared when the sinkhole opened under his bedroom thursday night. crews say the scene is too dangerous to continue the search. >> the sinkhole is extremely large, a huge chasm, extending down 50, 60 feet. with all the equipment that we have brought in and specialized help, we just have not been able to locate mr. bush. and so for that reason the rescue effort is being
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discontinued. >> well, the house is said to the demolished tomorrow. crews are still trying to determine whether more homes are at risk. they were likely tense moments aboard a united flight from vancouver to san francisco this afternoon. airport officials at sfo say the crew declared an emergency because of a hydraulic program. emergency crews waited for the plane to land. fortunately, it did so safely just after 4:00. it was then towed to the gate. just ahead at 6:00, the undercover sting that took six detectives and one animal control officer to reunite a puppy with his family. and a major change in the forecast. looking out at san francisco you can see the change. rob may yet ta will fill us in after the break. you can't move the tv there.
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movie lovers are being treated to international films from dozens of countrying at cinequest in san jose. chuck is known for making a movie starring "the fight club." he says he's intrigued with silicon valley's role in film. >> i am impressed with the kind of position of silicone valley. it is the technology as well as something artsy. it is not one or the other, it's that dynamic that's fascinating. >> he is working on a novella that will be due out later this fall. and dog stolen from an animal shelter the very day he was adopted. now to a police department sting operation, opi is home safe and
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sound with his new family. stephanie trong has the story. >> reporter: anxious and excited. opi, a two-and-a-half-year-old pitbull almost didn't make it home to his family. this family adopted him one night only to get a call the next day. >> that he was gone. my heart sunk. >> reporter: two guys stole him right out of his kennel. slipping him out of this small frame before allegedly putting him in a bag and jumping the back fence. >> i was really nervous because i was like, wow, what if they use him as a bait dog, which is kind of the dog that they bait literally to have another dog rip apart, or were they going to use him on later on for a fighting dog. >> reporter: o'connor thought he would never see opi again. >> we thought he was probably
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low priority. >>. >> reporter: but the investigation began immediately leading to craigslist ad. >> for $350. >> reporter: 24 hours later the two suspects, a 19-year-old fremont man and a new york minor, came half to face with a dozen fremont detective who is set up a sting operation at a bank parking lot yesterday morning. >> then all of a sudden the other detectives' car rolls up. there's four detectives there and the guy says, fremont police. >> reporter: opi agrees and so does his new family. evette and dave are getting married this summer. >> this is our baby. >> reporter: and tonight their baby is finally home. stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. meteorologist rob mayeda is here with a feel-good story depending on the forecast you like. if you like it wet it is nice. >> if you want short-term allergy relief you'll be happy
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we have rain drops as early as tonight. right now we have 50s to mid-60s outside. still pretty mild in livermore after temperatures in the 70s. 65 right now. by the way, high temperatures by wednesday cooler than the numbers we are seeing outside right now. we'll see a cool down coming up in the seven-day forecast. cooling this evening into tomorrow thanks to the fact the sea breeze is picking up again. that will drop our temperatures a few degrees tomorrow. and also we have a system coming in to bring us cloudy skies tonight. the chance of seeing some rain. now for the coast through early tomorrow morning, still lookout for the sneaker waves of the high energy, long periods of swells hitting the coast. use caution near the coast to wrap up the weekend. so some showers will linger into sunday afternoon. then a stronger system due in late tuesday into wednesday. right now the radar looks a little interesting here as you can see it way off to the scan to the north bay here. further away from the radar, mid-level moisture checking the surface levels here. not a whole lot happening in the mid-levels of the atmosphere, but dry below with a lot
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evaporating. further away from the radar, more showing up here, but the curvature of the earth further away from the linear beam that's our radar, typically these returns show up in the mid-levels of the atmosphere. as this band get closer to the coast, we'll see if it brings us a slight chance for showers. you can see it right there, the back edge of the system coming through tomorrow morning. and then during the day tomorrow we'll see a few scattered showers, especially around the hilltops. mostly cloudy tonight. a chance of seeing a few light rain showers at times around the mountain tops and during the day tomorrow probably less cloud cover, but watch what happens here, mid-afternoon, cool air aloft moves in. daytime heating destabilizing the atmosphere so pop-up showers are possible on the hilltops. the sun sets and things stabilize again. showers shut down and we should be mainly dry other than some coastal mist into monday morning. the next big event comes tuesday night on into wednesday. tonight with the cloud cover temperatures stay up. the upper 40s to low 50s outside
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for tonight. tomorrow's highs, though, doesn't look like we'll get into the 70s. low 60s in san jose. mid-60s near the trivalley with the chance for the hill top valle valleys. then low 60s to wrap up the weekend. so once the system clears, monday looks like a break but then during the day on tuesday increasing clouds. and now it looks like right through the day on wednesday rain at times with temperatures mostly in the mid-50s and upper 50s. and then thursday unsettled weather. we could see snow levels briefly down close to 3,500 feet. then friday things start to clear out. next weekend looks good as we warm up and clear out heading to saturday and sunday. so finally the seven-day forecast bringing in a chance of snow. maybe as much as a foot toward the middle part of the week and much-needed bay area rain. hopefully it takes the pollen out of the air. it's been pretty tough the last couple of weeks. thanks a lot, rob. the grueling race, the escape from the alcatraz triathlon is tomorrow. why this group of athletes is
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escaping from alcatraz is challenging enough, but try tackling that task while missing an arm or leg. that's what many athletes are preparing to do tomorrow at the escape of alcatraz triathlon in san francisco. ahead of the big race they came out to marina green park today to train one last time. >> we are out here to show everyone that just because you see a disability doesn't mean we have a disability. but the real disabilities are having a negative attitude. >> rudy garcia tullson is competing and inspiring people to continue their dreams. the triathlon raises funds and awareness for the challenges athletes foundation. time to check in with ahmed fareeh with more news on sports. >> tim lincecum was supposed to pitch today for the giants, but
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he did not. we'll tell you why ahead in sports.
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ahmed fareed from the giants sports desk. tim lincecum was scratched from his scheduled start against the cubs with a blister on his right middle finger. the giants did beat the cubs 9-7. sandoval homered in his final at-bat in the world baseball classic. it looks like randy moss' tie
6:24 pm
with the 49ers is over, at least that's what he thinks. he tweeted, quote, wish we could have finished the job. thanks for the opportunity and good luck in the future niners, end quote. he had 28 passes last year for the 49ers. the san jose sharks back in action tonight as they host the national predators at 7:30. the sharks are still trying to right the ship after losing 10 of their last 12 games. brody brazil has a preview from san jose. >> reporter: well, the sharks are very happy to turn the page here to a new calendar month of march. this after february where they struggled to score goals, mightily only 15 in 12 games. so san jose's moving towards a new mentality, pass second and shoot first. >> we have to have a shoot first mentality. we have to attack the net with some authority to score. and teams that aren't scoring are talking about this on a daily basis. we are stressing it.
6:25 pm
we have to have everybody with that type of mentality. we can't be a pass first and react off of that type team. >> at this point i think it is quantity. i think we can't, we are not at a point right now where we can, you know, talk about quality. there will be a time, but right now it's about getting as many as we can. >> a little bit, all along that's what we have wanted. in the past we have always thrown 40 shots a night and we have gotten away from that. so it may be as simple as that, taking our shooting opportunities when we get them. >> reporter: tonight's opponent for san jose are the national predators. a team that has beaten the sharks twice so far in the early condensed season. if the nationals win again, it will be a season and series sweep. in san jose, reporting for nbc bay area sports. thank you, brody. the sharks need a win, and hosting colorado under 4:00 to play in the first, to tyrone wallace for the dunk. bears up by three.
6:26 pm
second half, cal up four. that wallace guy again on the break. this is a monster throwdown. keep in mind, that kid is just a freshman. he's young and good. under 6:00 to play, cal up seven. cobbs can't get the lay-up, but cal wins 62-46 for their seventh straight win. womens hoops at washington state for stanford, amber finds gentleman anyway with the alley-oop. 2 in the first half alone, 22. there's the pump fake and the finish. stanford wins big to claim their 13th straight pac-12 title. more news on that, the cal women defeated washington today. the bears and cardinals are co-pack 12 champions. and the warriors facing the 76ers tonight. the warriors trying to snap the three-game losing streak, but they did not. they lose again. highlights coming up at 11:00. finally tonight, a rare
6:27 pm
underwater encounter caught on tape at the month ray bay aquarium. >> get a photo! >> in this youtube video posted by the aquarium, you can see a wolf seal making contact with a diver. the aquarium says that's very unusual because eels usually like to hide away from people. the diver said he's done this about 1,000 times. he's dived to the very same tank and this has never happened. the eel stayed in contact with the diver for about five minutes. well, thank you for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00 and an nbc bay special is up next with garvin thomas. see you back here at 11:00. until then, have a good evening. you're watching an nbc bay area special. tonight, "bay area proud,".
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>> i am treading water. >> the crew of this tugboat swung into action when they encountered something they had never seen before. >> no response at all. he was just staring at us, which was really spooky. >> it should have been march 10th, 1944. >> a typhoon, a world war and even 68 years could not stand between this man and his dreams. >> it was tough the first couple of times. >> she lost her husband but she wasn't going to lose their favorite place. the decision she made that saved jobs at a popular coffee shop. >> what matters is seating people, what matters is clothing people, what matters is providing housing. >> he's a great host for those in need. how this man helps entrepreneurs with a simple dream to help others. >> oh, my god. >> awesome. >> here's nbc bay area's garvin thomas. the bay area proud series on
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nbc bay area is all about giving our viewers a balanced look at the world around them. you see, any news department by nature must spend a lot of time talking about the bad things people do. well, bay area proud stories are the flip side of that. simply put, people being recognized for doing good. speaking of which, is there anything better than saving another person's life? well, that is just what the crew of a san francisco bay tugboat did a mile outside the golden gate bridge early one morning last fall. even on a morning when the weather is calm and the water is flat, there is no such thing as an ordinary day on san francisco bay. at least not when that day is spent aboard a tugboat. like cigar. captain perry overton has spent enough years at the wheel to know that. >> some jobs can be a real challenge, but that's what keeps you awake. you know, it's pretty cool. >> st


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